[ 05 14 22 ] Box
 Cleaning out a closet space, I had found a box, I exited the closet and carried the box over to a desk, and using a knife, I cut the that tape sealed away the mysteries within this box. The contents of the box were Di G Charat merchandise, mostly figurines and pins, somoe trading cards. All of the merchandise were items I've never seen around before on the internet, so I got really excited about it.

[ 05 13 22 ] Class
 It was my first day of college classes, I was tense with a nervous excitement throughout this dream. I wandered into my first class; a large bright room with tiled flooring, it had the appearance of being a sort of hybrid of a science-lab, and art studio. Along the walls of this room were shelves with an assortment of boxes on them, there were wooden tables across the room.
 I seemed to know exactly what I was supposed to be doing in this situation, I found my way over to the shelves, selected a box wih my name on it, and grabbed the items within. I'm unsure what the items were that I grabbed, as when I made it to a table I no longer had any items with me. Seated at this table were two guys, unfamiliar; a tall, lanky guy wearing a dark hoodie with a skull patch near the shoulder. He had straight black hair that reached down to his chin. Deathly pale, and seemed to be wearing make-up. The other guy I can only recall being a bit chubby, and ginger. They were both friendly and quick to start conversation, I don't remember any of the conversation.
 The class was nearing an end, even though a teacher had never walked in, or any other students for that matter. I exchanged my phone number with the two guys so we could keep in touch, before getting up and leaving.

[ 05 05 22 ] We're sick
 Abstract thoughts about the human condition, and particular social aspects of that, from the perspective of something that was not human. I don't remember a lot of it, but I felt so much more contempt looking in from this different perspective. A dream to affirm my own thoughts of real life.

[ 05 03 22 ] FPS
 Lurking around a military building that had a similar appearance to the some of the settings of Metal Gear Solid 1. I don't recall much from this dream. There were malformed strange bright yellow, decaying, animated corpses hauling themselves around. They'd spawn in seemingly random locations, they remind me of the creatures from Half-Life.
 I was armed with a medium sized gun, I was on edge, and always excepting a corpse to spawn near me. I had been seeing them in the distance attack people that I'm presuming were workers in this building. These corpses moved oddily, and their bodies would deform and stretch in stange ways, elongated limbs, necks, ect. I was being fairly avoidant of them.
 Turning a corner, I encountered a security gaurd of sorts, he instinctively shot at me, being he was ambushed by the corpse creatures. A horrifying scene played out of them eating the security gaurd. I escaped out of there to, and entered a nearby elevator.
 Inside of the elevator were a well-dressed couple, and their young daughter. The family stood there unmoving, never speaking a word. Uncanny.
 As soon as I was beginning to feel safe, in a moment the family had dissappeared, and several corpses spawned in their place. They didn't even get a chance to attack before a 'GAME OVER' screen appeared across my vision. I was able to respawn.
 Now in a room that had the appearence of an office building, I peered out of a window, looking down below, the room seemed to be at the very top of a tall building. Below, the outside was a beach, covered in palm trees, and a view of a large body of water. No other buildings in sight. I moved away from the window and took in the surroundings.
 The family that had stood in the elevatory with me was in the room, they were moving around now. The daughter of the family was carrying a firearm. I had talked with the parents for a while, they explained to me what was happening, and how to 'win the game'. I can't remember the specifics of the conversation.

[ 05 02 22 ] Back in School
 I was back in elementary school. The building seemed empty and dark at first, I was walking through the hallway, everything was near exactly how I remembered it. I had passed the large glass windows of the library, and seeing my reflection, my appearence was that of how I looked when I was in 5th grade. I didn't seem to give this much thought.
 I don't remember how exactly I got there, but now I was in the school's gymnasium, empty. I headed out, to class, a line of featurless students seemed to appear before me, and I followed.
 Now in class,there were few other students in the room, all lacking any distinct features. The teacher was my 5th grade teacher, she was discussing the second world war with the class. I was listening to what she had to say with more interest in the subject than I would have had when I was actually in 5th grade haha. Or more interest than I had when I was in school in general.
 Recently, I guess I may be feeling a bit remorseful of how I approached school, I never cared about it, and reflecting on it nowadays, I wish I would have cared more than I did during those years. Education is important.

[ 04 29 22 ] Rainy
 Standing in my living room, peering out the sliding glass doors, it's downpouring. Heaviest rain fall I've ever seen.

[ 04 28 22 ] Luigi's Mansion
 I was playing Luigi's Mansion on my Gamecube, a friend was watching me play. The game played out much different than it really is, which I found confusing. I kept explaining to my friend what the game actually played like, and what the story of it was really supposed to be. I don't remember any of the details in particular of how the game was in dream.

[ 04 26 22 ] .
  Someone kept screaming at me to the point where I was sobbing, I threw up about 3 times, when I would throw up I could feel it moving up in my throat, uncomfortable. Eventually my vision started fading in and out of nothingless, throughout this dream I was very confused, and scared.
 It just kept going, there were other people in the room too, they didn't have any promonent features, they weren't doing anything, unmoving from their spots during the entirety of this dream, appearing as though they were manneqiuins.
 I became so dissosciated and unaware of my surroundings that I had started to become violent, launched myself at the person verbally angtagonizing me, and began trying to attack them. I had only taken a strong hold of their arm before gaining more awareness of the situation, I promptly stopped what I was about to do, and backed off.

[ 04 22 22 ]
  Standing in a line in a pizzaria, the building looked like a mix between a small town pizzaria, and a movie theater, it was huge. I was attempting to down a bottle of beer, but barely could drink one third of it without feeling ill.

[ 04 21 22 ] Lucid Halloween
 At school, in art class, it was almost Halloween, the class was given colorful wigs and instructed to create a costume out of what wig thaey got, sounds fun. I got a green wig, and quickly decided my costume was going to be Beetle Juice.
 Now, in the auditorium, it had the appearance of an outdoors skatepark, the lighting was dark, the schoolday was coming to an end. Everyone was discussing what they where going to dress up as, a few people I talked to said they were also going to dress as Beetle Juice, I thought that was going to be neat. As we all exited the building, I noticed in my bag that I was carrying an extra wig, one that was pink. I noticed that there was a girl who was sad that she had lost hers so I gave the wig to her.
 The next day I was scrambling to get my costume together, I spent some time puting makeup on to make myself look as much like a corpse as possible. I think at this point I had forgotten the character I was dressing up as entirely. I didn't wear the green wig, and had a black turtleneck on, looking like a vampire.
 I was with a group of people I wasn't familiar with, we had some time to kill before heading out to a Halloween party, so we were in the kitchen hanging out, and baking cookies. A lady with short black hair kept talking with me, the conversation had gotten personal and she began crying, she hugged me and I let her cry on my shoulder, I tried to comfort her the best I could, she seemed troubled. She mentioned that I reminded her a lot of her ex-boyfriend.
 Eventually we all headed out to the Halloween party, one of the people I was unfamiliar with was driving us. The party was being held in at a library that had the exterior appearance of a church. We got there, I ended up ditching my group of unfamiliar drean friends, while they were still outside of the building, they all seemed preoccupied in their own conversations.
 I entered the library, and began wandering around, and looking at the books, the inside of the building was huge, I wish that something like this existed in real life. Eventually something had made me realize that I was dreaming, I kept repeating, I'm dreaming, in my head at first, then verbally, then back in my head. I was suddenly very self aware and in control of what my body was doing, despite it being a dream, everything felt very real to me. I stared at my hands, my arms, and bagan walking around, I was surprised that I hadn't woken up or anything yet, since that's typically what happens when I realize I'm dreaming.
 Wandering through the library, trying to find someone I knew so I could tell them I was dreaming, I can't emphasize enough how strange this felt. I did find someone and told them that this was a dream, not real, and that I was dreaming, but it appeared like they couldn't hear me, they didn't respond.
 I walked out of the building, it was night, there was snow on the ground. I could see my dream friends in the distance. I walked towards them, but was then ambushed by a huge sled dog, it looked like it had gotten away from it's owner. Since I was coherent I was able to wrangle the dog, grabbed the dog by it's collar, and it held still. The first dream where I'm not completely mauled by a dog! I crouch down and pet the dog, it had very soft fur, and seemed friendly. I held onto the collar tight to make sure the large creature wouldn't get loose again.
 My dream friends were gone, now I was wandering outside, in the dark snowy void, with this dog. It wasn't cold outside, and the surroundings felt very familiar. there were many streetlights illuminating this void, I followed them. Eventually I found myself in an area that didn't have much going on, no buildings, but still the street lights remained as I journeyed. No visible roads or sidewalks.
 In the distance I could see something near a wired fence and a large building, I headed towards it. It was an old man his appearence mostly obscured in heavy winter gear, the only noticable detail was his long orange beard, and aged eyes. accompanying him were several large sled dogs, he was sitting on a sled near the wired fence, under a streetlight.
  The old man stood up when I approached him, he was very jolly. He thanked me for returning his dog, he expained that dog in particular was a bit troublesome. We stood in the darkness and conversed for a while, I don't remember much of the conversation. The old man seemed kind.

 This is probably one of my favorite dreams now ^ __ ^! I'm hoping that in the future I can have more dreams where I am lucid or at least partially lucid.

[ 04 20 22 ] meatmeatmeat meat meat
  Naked, washing myself in a walk-in shower, warm. Below me there was a large, bloody, fleshy, disgusting, piece of of meat on the tiled floor of the shower, details such as veins were prominant on that glob of unknown death. I was covered in blood as well. I had thought the piece of meat had somehow come from me.
 As usual in my dreams, the lighting was dark, there was a dim, yellow, light shining above me in that small box shower. I don't recall there being any noticeable details outside of the shower, just a dark, voided space.

[ 04 20 22 ] Minecraft
 In Minecraft, I was building a detailed train station. The game was appeared very different, but to me it was still Minecraft. There were Chao, and those little animal guys that you can feed your chaos from the Sonic Adventure games, the critters were roaming around the game. I had been following around one of the animals, near a vividly blue lake, a green otter. The otter became realistic. I held the gentle critter like a rat.

 One of my friends joined the game
 I had fallen into a deep pit in the ground,the falling kept delaying, in an almost glitchy-like fashion, I eventually did die though. I re-spawned and continued working on the train station.

 Now near a large field in the middle of nowhere, everything was realistic, the field was made of dry long grass, the sky above was cloudy, grey. I was still with my friend. In the air we had both noticed large government aircrafts, and vehicles swarm the field,they had the appearence of the G.U.N vehicles and aircraft, from Sonic Adventure 2. We both became nervous from the sight, and left immediately, but not before being shot at. Somehow, someone was communicating with me, and questioning me about what my friend and I were doing there.
 We left and now were in an entirely different location. There was a nearby shopping center, and various other buildings around. In the sky I had noticed the front of a truck, without the cargo. The vehicle flew into a cloud, partially obscuring itself. It seemed to be following my friend and I, I told him I was uneasy. He said it was fine. I thought the flying truck seemed very bizarre.
 Somehow, another random person joined the dream alongside my friend and I. Someone I vaguely knew from middle school. Confusing.
 The odd flying vehicle began shooting explosives at us, we all booked it. We ran to the nearby store, into the closest entrance we could find, it looked like a janitors closet, someone working there said we were not aloud to be back there, I said I'd tell them what was happening in a moment. The closet was full of all sorts of cleaning supplies. The closet lead into a bathroom, I quickly hid away inside of one of the many stalls, began profusely appologizing, then sobbing.

[ 04 16 22 ]
 I kept messing up and saying the wrong things in a group chat with my friends. They got really irritated with me. I don't recall the specifics of this dream.

[ 04 15 22 ] Several unrelated dreams
 Laying on a bench in the woods, it was really nice out, There's a passerby who has a large dog near him not on a leash, the dog looks like a mix between a golden retriever and a lion. The dog makes a loud lion-like bark and walks towards me, I tense up, but the owner of the dog quicker reassures me that the dog is friendly. I pet the dog. The dog had thick orange fur, and a mane of the same color around it's neck, it's legs and paws were huge, probably very strong. That was cool.

 Now in a room with someone familiar from school that I disliked a lot for being an uncomfortable to be around porn sick weirdo; He was showing me his video game collection, anime figures, and gaming PC. The room was dark and the walls of the room were glowing green-blue fishtanks, with so many fishies swimming about their greatly decorated fishy environments. Really cool scenery.

 In a small clothing shop looking around at items, with an unfamiliar person I saw as a friend, she was tall, a little chubby, wore a baggy green T-shirt and had mid-lenth curly brown hair. I had tried on a rainbow necklace that I thought looked really cool, two of the employees quickly rushed over to me, they were almost identical, two larger girls who dressed very well, who both had dark brown bob-cuts. told me not to wear it because I looked stupid wearing it, I asked them why but they wouldn't give me a coherent answer.
 A real life friend had picked me up from this shop, there were several other people in the car. He drove us to a building, driving into and parking inside of the building, of what looked like a mix of a mall and covention space. I've seemed to forgotten about my dream friend at this point. The floor of the building had red-tiles, and there were a lot of indoor plants, the lighting was kind of dark.

 At a thrift shop, the appearence of it kept warping from something more cozy, to something like a big name supermarket. I kept coming across odd plushies and items. There was a colorful, but mostly pink, clown dog stuffed animal that was wearing a colorful, striped, tophat, that seemed to stretch upwards forever, I wondered how it was able to keep balance. I took the hat off the dog clown plushie and the hat shank to a more reasonable size. There was also another plushie nearby that looked to be a similar brand, it looked much more evil though, it was black and yello, it was a Halloween themed jester with the face of a jack-o-lanturn. An older lady with long blonde hair complained to an employee about how tall the clown dogs tophat was.
 I had been lurking around this store for a while, unsure what my goal was here, I didn't have money in the dream. An old lady who looked similar to my grandma passed by and gave me a 12$ bill, and a small handfull of change, I tried to give it back to her saying that she didn't have to give me anything, but she happily insisted I keep the money, and get something while I was at the shop.
 Isle after isle of oddities. One isle that I remember was an isle of full of trading cards, and other similar nerd items. I saw "Kitty Dog" [the internet species popularized by that animator of the same name] trading cards, I became really concerned, and mildly annoyed at the concept of these existing in a real life store, as real life trading cards, in the real life world. Wild.
 There was a bin of vintage stuffed animals and while digging through it I found a stuffed animal of my character "Enemy", but I didn't recognize it as my own character, I thought it was a Garfield character.

[ 04 13 22 ] Game
 In a game, the general appearence resembled Metal Gear Solid. I was hiding out in a bathroom from some kind of entity that was after me. I had found my way into a ventalation system.

[ 04 12 22 ]
 Digging through my closet, unsure why, I found a bunch of yarn, and a large bag of lemons. Flies and gnats were surrounding the bag, I promptly threw it away.
 I peered outside my bedroom window, the angle of what was outside was off, and I took note of it in the dream, each time I'd look out of the window the scenery would change slightly. There was a palm tree that I had been focussed on in particular that seemed very off to me.

[ 04 11 22 ]
 I was working at a grocery store, the isles kept changing, everytime I returned to the same isles they'd be some different kind of distorted than before. There was an old lady getting impatient with me, I can't remember why.

[ 04 10 22 ] Art Event
 At some kind of art event, building looks like the building of the current apartment I'm living in, but the living room looked more like a convention space, or board room. The only people here were my friend and I. I kept trying to draw cats but was struggling very hard, my friend had quickly put together several pieces of art that looked painted, they were drawing with colored pencils. The artwork they made was of old cartoon characters, Looney Tunes and such. They looked like they could've been posters.
 This friend doesn't really draw in real life so I was surpised to see how good the art was. I complimented them a lot, but they said their art wasn't that great.
 There was a lady at this event who saw my cat drawings and told me I shouldn't draw them so fat, that comment confused me because the cats were normal sized. The doodles were much better than my art is in real life. One of the doodles I remember in particular was an orange cat, standing on it's legs, wearing an introcate pirate outfit, the outfit was very flowy and dress-like. I also remember a drawing of a grey cat wearing a blue dress.
I looked back at my doodles and they had all changed, it confused me and I tried to fix the drawing, but was unable to, and got frustrated.
 When I tried to use the colored pencils they were watery, and everything on the paper had become smudged and ruined.
 I looked at my phone and could see the beach from it, I was in contact with someone. . . I don't know who, there wasn't a visable person, maybe I was communicating with the beach itself.
 My friend left quickly before the event could end, I realized they were gone, and began exiting the building, I had walked through a kitchen that was identical to the kitchen of my current appartment. There was a box of peporoni pizza on the counter, two slices left.

[ 04 04 22 ] Build a World
 My friend and I were building a world out of clay, the world was inhabited by living creatures, our goal was to make it a nice place for them to live. I kept messing things up.

[ 04 02 22 ] untitled
 In a poorly lit room with the appearence of the apartment I lived in as a child. There was an inflatable swimming pool in the middle of the room full of a bright green liquid. A friend with in the room with me, along with someone else who was bothering us a lot, but mostly irritating my friend. I don't remember what this guy looked like. My friend had gotten into a fight with the random guy and was asking why he was even here in the first place. I was clueless.
 My friend and I had also had some kind of long conversation. I don't remember much from this dream.

[ 04 01 22 ] Snuff
 A friend had pulled up a video, of a guy, who had pale skin, short curly brown hair, and a beard, kind of chubby. The guy was wearing gloves and a white apron over a blue polo shirt. The video consisted of this guy going on some rant before killing another person that was in the poorly lit room with him. His victim didn't have any noticable features. Something about this footage made me very uncomfortable, but I can't remember what it was, I don't remember much of this.

[ 03 30 22 ] Driving Through the Woods
 Inside of a cramped, deathtrap, car. In the backseat, someone else is driving. A report over the radio warns that there is a dangerous person in the area.
 We drive off road and through the woods, trampling plants, it is dark outside, there is an older looking man wandering around. He is wearing a normal polo shirt and jeans, he is of a larger build, he has a grey mustache, balding with some white hair left, wearing glasses. He looks too normal to be walking around the woods at night.
 We get back onto an empty dirt road, there is an old car parked on the side. The road is surrounded by a field, it looks eerie in the headlights of the car.

[ 03 29 22 ] Alternate Universe Dreaming
 I was laying on the pavement of a trail, near an underpass. A familar location to one I've known in real life. It was sunny outside, the trees I saw above me had bright green leaves. I kept seeing people run by, including someone I know, they were wearing a black Lemon Demon hoodie, I attempted to talk to them, but couldn't talk. I couldn't move, so I continued to lay on the ground until everything fading out. I'd occassionally keep waking up, seing people walk by, running or biking.
 Eventually I woke up, and was able to stay up. I went on a walk around town. Everything felt very real. I saw my reflection in a store window, and I looked a lot different than I do in real life. I was an unkempt guy with short brown hair, a scrawny build, and some light patchy facial hair across a long face. I couldn't have been over the age of 16. I was wearing glasses, jeans, a tanktop, and a flannel.
 Walking. . . Walking. . . It was evening, I'm walking by a lot of small neighborhood houses. One thing that stuck out to me about the setting was how vivid the plants appeared to be. It looked really nice. During this walk some other geeky looking kid approached me, and had begun a conversation with me. I don't remember the conversation. The kid was short and blonde wearing glasses. I had gotten annoyed at this guy, and had been very mean to him. Even though it's a dream, I feel bad for that, because the other guy was talking about an interest that he seemed genuinely passionate about.
 Later, I remember running along a dirt road, near a dead corn field. Another location I'm familiar with in real life.
 I don't remember anything else about this dream.

[ 03 28 22 ] School War, Robots
 At school, we were supposed to participate in a game that involved runnding around town, and killing those assigned to the opposing teams. Why? I don't know. A lot of old classmates I have not seen in years were in this dream.
 I remember wandering around an urban city-like area, with tall apartment buildings. I was on my own here. I had found a gun that had the cartoonish appearence of a Nerf gun, but it functioned as you'd aexpect a gun would. I carried it around, not planning on using it, my goal here was to be as avoident of this situation as I could. Don't get hurt, don't harm others.
 Unfortunately, someone from another team had noticed me, and had begun chasing me, shooting at me, I ran, I found a kind of hidden area, and then, from there, shot the guy that was chasing me, without any hesitation. The guy I shot began to slowly melt in a disturbing way, like chunks at a time, deflating almost, it didn't look like he had any bones. Creepy.
 I stared at this melted man on the pavement for a while, still keeping myself hidden. I thought I was safe so I left my spot, I went over and starting climbing the entrence stairs of a nearby apartment. The guy had been melted right infront of these stairs. I kept looking at him, the scene was grotesque.
 What was left of the melted man began bubbling, then began to grow, I stopped like a deer in headlights, and watched the mass of flesh in anticipation. Slowly he had grown into a cartoonish, square, robot, that resembled the man, only with a silly Italian mustache.
 As soon as the robot saw me, he began towards me. I booked it into the apartment complex, locking the glass doors behind me. Inside of the building was a room that looked like a living room, dreary, potted plants everywhere. There was another cartoonish, round, robot walking on a treadmill. I couldn't trust that I'd be safe, so I grabbed a nearby, full bottle of vodka, and smashed it on the robot's round, red, featureless head, breaking the bottle and knocking the robot unconscious, now stuck between a wall and the treadmill that continued going.
 A loud shatter of glass came from the front doors, the square robot man emerged. Still out for my blood. I ran up a flight of stairs.
 That's where the dream ends because my mom woke me up.

[ 03 26 22 ] Natural Disasters
 Twisting the hande on the bathroom faucet, worms spewed out, filling the sink with, gross, ling worms, that looked almost like noodles. I tried to force them down the drain out of my sight.

 There was a warning that a tornado could soon form nearby. I had been preparing for it. I was informed of a room that I had been unaware of, a closet hidden within a closet, underneath the stairs. That would be the safest place to be during this scenerio. The layout of my house in this dream was like an old apartment I lived in as a child.
 I'd sleep in this hidden closet for a while. The dream then cut to 3 days later. I was outside of the closet, a twister still had yet to hit. I was begining to think that it wasn't going to happen. I peered out a window, and saw a little girl looking up at the sky, she then quickly ran shouting to someone I couldn't see.
 I moved to a different window to get a better view of what the kid had been looking at in the sky. Something large was forming, the way it was forming looked very strange, transparent, unanimated leaves kept fading in and out around it.
 Not sticking around long, I rushed to the saftey closet once again and hid out there. I could hear a harsh howling sound. There were other people in there with me. I held my hands over my head in a curled up position.
 What I can remember next is being outside. I had noticed some things has been torn up and destroyed.

 I remember briefly being inside of a room that had the appearence of the science labs that were at the middle school I went to. In the dream it was a part of my home. Something was missing, but I can't remember what

[ 03 25 22 ] Online, Restaurant, Scary house
 Browsing around online, I came across a shop selling stickers of my lizardsona, it was very weird to come across, a lot of it was original fan art. I didn't mind but I was shocked to find someone drawing so much of my lizardsona. Falling down a rabbit hole of obsession, I found this users other profile too.

 A medical professional had described to me that I lacked a tail bone, showing me x-rays. It made so much sense to me.

 I can also remember, at a restaurant, I had found a bunch of knives around. I collected the knives. I also remember finding a package of meat, on a shelf of purchasable goods, labeled as "Soggy Sausage". I didn't pick it up though. There were some other oddities around, I saw a girl, who had a short brown bobcut, wearing unusual clothing, stacking up what could've been hundreds of mustard packets on a plate.
 The lady at the front of the restaurant refused to let me leave with the knives, and said I was too hyperactive to be owning, and god forbid, carrying around that many knives, she didn't trust it. I somehow convinced her to let me leave with the knives after showing her my identification.

 Hanging out with someone I didn't recognize. She was dressed cassually, had long, curly hair, and a dark complexion. We walked around and talked for a while, unsure what the converations had been about, but we were enjoying the time, it was peaceful. I think in the context of this dream I had just met her.
 We had been walking around a small suburban area. The surrounding plants looked more alive than they usually do. It felt like a warm, early summer morning, after a long night of rain.
 We had entered a house, she had told me that there were bad things about this house, and that we shouldn't go any further inside. A glance around the initial room, the lights were off in the house, it was cluttered, and there were a scary amount of mirrors placed around just that first room alone. I could feel the presense of someone unseen. Unnerving. We swiftly left and continued on our walk.
 We walked near a park, the sun was setting, this environment felt empty.

[ 03 24 22 ] the mysterious floating cat that becomes a tree
 On a large balcony, it was night. There was an ossified cat floating in air, curled up in a sleeping position. I poured water onto it. The cat began to grow roots and branches, and gradually took the appearence of a tree, it didn't stop growing. The tree grew in an odd dirrection, and I could see it strech beyond the hoizon now. The sun was rising, but stars had still been out, the bottom half of the sky was purply, orange, pink.
 The way the tree streched through the horizon, over a nearby ocean during sunrise looked very beautiful.
 Someone nearby had told me the news that the tree had grown all the way over to east-asia, it was suddenly a huge glabal news story. I was kind of shocked how quickly the tree grew.
 The tree became metalic, and gained the appearence of a machine, almost like a cartoonish, science-fiction rocket. Dimmed windows, machinery, bolts holding panels onto the sides. It was still a living thing though. At least that's how I percieved it.

[ 03 23 22 ] .
 Yeah. This one is gross.
 I was with an unfamiliar guy, we entered my room, it looked like my old bedroom. There were dishes stacked into several large towers across the room, I was confused at this and appologized.
 The next thing I remember. It is night, I'm laying in bed, next to me is the same person who was with me before, but they were now a woman. We were talking, I'm unsure what the conversation is about. The room surrounding us was dark and cramped, the bed was caccoon-like with all of the blankets and pillows thrown about, on the wall next to the bed was an opening with a curtain, there was a small couch next to the bed. It was cozy. I was disoriented and didn't know where I was or how I got there, the person next to me told me but I wasn't able to concentrate.
 I kept fading out, dreary, the person next to me had told me they cared about me a lot, I mumbled the same. They continued talking. . . Talking . . . I'm still drifting in and out. I was brought into awareness again when I felt something heavy resting on my torso, it was the person that was with me. I was still disoriented, kept telling them to stop, but it kept going. Their appearence kept changing and warping in strange, deformed ways, and it made me realize I didn't actually know who this person was.
 They were feeling around my body, it was uncomfortable. They mmoved both hands around my neck, holding them there for a bit, then moved one hand to my mouth. Feeling around my lips, teeth, tongue, before shoving their fingers to the back of my throat in an attempt to force out vomit. I was starting to get into it. Felt good. I momentarily stopped protesting, but still continued squirming around under their weight, trying to free myself. It felt like this shouldn't be happening. I could barely process the situation, felt very confused, this all felt very wrong, so I started repeatedly telling them to stop again. Tthe sickness of this situation kept escalating, more graphic, so I can't bring myself to describe it. the person's form and appearence continued to degrade. Ect.
 While struggling to free myself I was becoming increasingly more alert and aware, it made me feel horrified, of both the other person and myself. I began fighting back more.
 The sudden increase of awareness ended up waking me up.

[ 03 22 22 ] Sent to a dream space of an odd mansion
 This one is weird and hard to describe alright. A friend who I understood as being much better at navigating the dream space had offered to send me to a strange environment. I don't remember the specific background of this dream aside from this. I was not aware I was dreaming even with this context.
 She had sent me to an odd, large building, almost like a mansion, all of the furniture and design of the building was very vividly strange. The tiled floor stretched in odd spiraled ways, and was covered in glass, worms, and vomit. Underneath the mess the tiles were very colorful.
 I had struggled climbing up some stairs, as I drew near the top, I'd take glances behind me, there was a growing void with each step I took.
 I had wandered some halls, entered some rooms, and talked with some people it's all very vague. At one point I had messed something up in this dream space and my friend had brought me back to her, I think had convinced her to send me back to the odd mansion? Unsure about why, but she did send me back.
 Unfortunatly, this is all I can recall from the dream. It lasted much longer than this, and got bizarre enough that it woke me up, but I can't remember what had happened for most of it. After I woke up I tried to remember what I could, then decided I'd write it down in the morning before going back to sleep. But I ended up forgotting a large chunk of it! Dissapointing.

[ 03 19 22 ] Concert and tuuuumors
 A summer day. I heard music from outside, curious I peaked out my bedroom window and saw Will Toledo sitting on a blanket in the grass playing guitar in front of a massive crowd. I've never listened to his music before to my knowledge.

 I looked in the mirror and my body looked strange, excess skin hung off of my body in strange grows, almost tumor-like in appearence. It didn't phase me much though, I was examining my body and thinking I need to continue making changes in my life, and this isn't as bad as it was before.

[ 03 18 22 ] Memories that don't belong to me
 My memory of this is very vague, but someone had been relaying memories of being in a dance/gymnastic class in middle school, and was speaking to me as if I used to be a part of this, but I had no recolection of ever being a part of it. They continued pulling mundane memories of things I don't remember ever happening in my life, and it made me have a meltdown. I guess it felt as bad as it did because it made me question how much of what I know about myself is true. . . How much of my life is missing from my memory.
 In real life, my memory is pretty awful. It can be upsetting when people will bring up memories, and I can't remember what they're talking about, even if it's something from less than a month ago. It's one of the reasons I've starting keeping these extensive journals I suppose.

[ 03 17 22 ] On the town
 What I remember:
 Seemingly overnight the internet had changed and became much more restrictive in what you could do on it, one of the strange things was that if your computar ran on microsoft you could not use Google Chrome on it.

 I was in town, by myself, it was sunny out, probably summer. I had entered a building I'd never seen before, the building was full of people that had the appearence of circus performers. The person running the place had explained to me that this was a circus school, to help people with their performace skills, and confidence. He also said that it was to help people form local circus troupes. I told him that I'd love to be a part of this, but then after stating what the price of the program was, I was disapointed, because I didn't have nearly enough for it.
 Leaving the building, back on the street. The town seemed empty, there were no cars parked, or on the road. People were walking about the street. I kept seeing people dressed as clowns or wearing juggalo make-up. Eventually I saw two of my friends, both also dressed as clowns, one was happy to see me while the other seemed indifferent. I asked them were all of these clowns were coming from, and they told me it was international clown day.
 One of my friends asked if we wanted to go to a local restaurant, and we did, the lighting in the building seemed odd.

 On a walk with my friend, we were heading to the local school, there was a convention being held there. On this walk I remember passing by a kid who was attemping to build a lake in his yard, and his dog, a border collie, was running around. I also remember passing by a bunch of horses on the walk.
 As we were approaching the school, we could see people with leaving the building, with farm animals.
 When we got to the school, we found that we had gotten there late and the convention had started to close down. Walking around, everything looked off, this is hard to describe, but I had made a joke saying "We have entered the game, now we must wait as it loads" waving my hands dramitically. For the most park, things on display lacked any kind of detail, and were just solid colors, or looked wireframed. I chocked it up to the convention being over and people taking care of their work, by taking it apart. . . . . Weirdly. . .
 There were still an a small crowd of dwindling people wandering the around this tiny anime convention. Someone had saw my friend and asked if he was a cop. I had taken notice to some art, it was the only artwork that had detail, it was of very fish people.
 Even though the convention had ended and they were clearing things out, we had found an area where a panel was going to be held. Not sure what the panel was about, but we decided to stick around for it. There were a few people scattered about in the cheap folding chairs, and a projector screen with nothing on it. I don't remember what happens after this.

[ 03 15 22 ] Time Traveling: An Incoherant How-To Guide
 I had discovered how to time travel. I found myself a few years in the past, eventually at a friend's house, not entirely sure how I had ended up there. The house was a single dingy room, with a few recliners, a couch, a television, a shelf. The floor was concrete, and messily covered in newspapers The walls appearence were aged and shabby. There were a lot of cats around.
 My friend was laying on the couch, sick, he looked a few years younger, with short greasy hair. His family was sitting around in the chairs, they looked much older than they should have. They were just as confused as I was, they did not know me.
 I explained that in the near future, my friend and I were friends, and that I had figured out how to travel through time, I felt a little awkward.  His family and him being curious as to the specifics, I gladly explained how I was able to do it. From what I can recall, I described it having to do with mentally accessing a 4th dimensional perspective, and tried explaining what the meant by using an image of a tesseract, that I somehow conjured up, explaining how you have to put yourself into a mental position exactly like the tesseract, and once you see it, it just makes sense and you're able to change your world-view to being 4th dimensional . . . . Whatever that means. I had also explained that time travel was not at all similar to teleportation, that teleportation is pysically impossible as a process like that would has to completely destroy and rebuild your pysical body. Where as time travel has much more to do with mental perceptions . . . Or something along those lines.
 My friend and his family looked like I was insane, and was saying all of what I was describing sounded rediculous.
 I later remember finding myself forward in time, I was now at the art studio, everything had been completely remodled. The lady who words at the studio seemed happy to see me, she gave me a tour of all of the changes made to the studio. I remember specificly a freezer full of odd sweets. Everything seemed very off.

[ 03 14 22 ] Orphanage Escape
 My brother and I were children living in an orphanage, under a program ran by a horribly abusive middle-aged lady. The building was in gross condition, drab, concrete florring, dim flourecent jittery lighting. I particularly remember several plastic folding tables with rotting fruits and vegetables sitting atop them. There were other children around, they lacked any distinct features.
 So, my brother and I decided we should attempt an escape out of this terrible way of living. The escape itself did not go as planned, the layout of the building was confusing, every room would always just lead to another room with odd coloring, or a hallway, with areas often repeating.
 One of the orphanage's staff members had somehow caught wind of our escape and had reported us to the lady running the place. This made the lady furious, now she was carrying a gun. She had chased up throughout the building. I her losing track of us when we were in an area that had an appearence of an empty office. Suddenly, gunshots, and a broken window. We continued searching for refuge.
 We had eventually found a ladder, leading up to an unknown place, we climbed the ladder, then covered up the entrance to this new room. We were safe. The room felt like a treehouse. Eventually I had forgot my brother was in this dream, so he was no longer here. I hid out in this room for a while. It had comfortable, dim lighting. The room had a childish, fun appearence, with a bunkbed, beanbag, radio, and other things across the room. I felt safe here, but I couldn't stay here forever, I'd eventually have to find some way out.

[ 03 11 22 ] Grim Reaper
 I was living by myself in a small apartment, it was night outside. One of my friends had come over to visit, dressed as the Grim Reaper, the hood was down. We didn't talk much and she seemed uninterested in conversation, so she didn't stick around for very long. After leaving she shortly returned, in attempt to scare me, but I thought it was silly. Then she left for real this time.
  The kitchen in that apartment was cluttered in a chaotic fashion, making me anxious. In another room, there was a closet that that didn't have a floor on equal level to the room it was attached to, the depth looked to be about 8 feet, and there was a shitty small staircase going down from the doorway to the bottom of the closet. I questioned how injured I'd get if I were to purposefully fall into this odd closet ditch.

[ 03 07 22 ] Thrift store selling Mario bomb figurine, politics, expired milk
Things I remember

 At a thrift store that carried a lot of objects related to gaming, I remember seeing a wall of odd colorful Pokemon plush toys, but they weren't any Pokemon I had ever seen before, for example one of the plush toys looked like it could be an Eevee evolution of some kind, it was a deep reddish pink creature with purple-blue eyes that sort of resembled Espeon, but much more generic and . . . Sharp ?
  One of the objects I recall in particular at this thrift store was a golden Mario figurine that also doubled as a phone, and a bomb, it was covered in warning signs. I was with someone else and I had exclaimed that I couldn't believe they were selling this super rare Mario figurine here, and then explained to my friend how it was also a bomb and had to be recalled, for being a bomb.

 News had come out about what were essentially concentration camps forming around Russia, and people being arrested for holding specific ideologies [ ? ] I has been talking to a friend, and they were explaining the entire situation to me over text on Discord.

 In the kitchen, I was preparing a bowl of cereal, when I was pouring the milk it had this disgusting look to it, slimy, and frozen. I checked the expiration date and it read MAR 24, disappointing. The expiration date on the milk also confused because I hadn't thought it was already the 24th of March. I didn't care thought I made the cereal anyways, I do not remember eating it. Maybe I did.

[ 03 06 22 ] Feels bad movie night
 I was hanging out with a group of people, we were trying figure out what movie we should watch, my suggestions kept getting ignored and everyone else kept suggesting either Disney movies or large budget super hero movies. It was aggrevating and I did not want to be there.

[ 03 05 22 ] Day
What I can remember

 America had entered an economic instability. I was worried about it, I had talked to my brother for a while concerning this topic.
 something in my house caught on fire.
 Over Discord, a friend had sent me a spoilered image, tagging it as "Crow Cillers spoilers". The image was a Pickachu stuffed toy smoking a blunt, with absurdly long arms that streched across, and over a text post; a paragraph of someone's interpretation on the philosophy of The Matrix movies.
 I was either looking into a mirror or viewing myself from a 3rd person perspective, it's a little unlcear. I looked different than how i do now, long hair, had more weight on me, esentially how my appearence was during summer of 2021. I was wearing what I had been outside of the dream, a desaturated green tanktop, flannel, and blue jeans.
 It was night outside, I went to the art studio. Inside of the building, the layout was confusing and unfamiliar, the walls were all grey, everything was . . . Squared, there were windows everywhere on the walls, in odd places. The place was crowded with people. I wondered what was going on here.
 A guy kept staring at me with a look that read like he might recognize me but was unsure.
 Someone there kept talking to me, not anyone I know, generic thin guy with a beard. I cant remember what the conversation was about.
 I had found my brother and his friend amongst the crowd, we decided to leave, but we were unable to find out way out of the studio.

[ 03 04 22 ] Task
 My mom had sent me to the store to pick up a large box of canned peaches for her. All I could find was one large box on a shelf I was unable to reach. The cost of the box was 11$.

[ 03 03 22 ] Car dream
 This dream was lengthy but I can only remember a portion of it.
 In one of those boxy 80's car, my friend was at the driving wheel, I was chilling out in the back, there were no back carseats so I was on the floor. We were talking about whatever I don't remember, I don't know where we were going.
 Eventually the car had stopped, we exited the car, now in an area that was
 All cement, concrete whatever, the ground, the structures. There were no trees on the horizon. The sun shown bright and was warm.

[ 03 02 22 ] Weird
 This dream consisted of me meeting my dad on 3 seperate occassions, each time he was kind of mean, except in the last part where he was getting kind of old and disheveled looking.
 When I woke up I felt gloomy about it. I've never seen my dad before so it prompted me to do some internet sluething to find any information about him I could, I eventually did find his online profiles, and got to see what he looks like for the first time ever. Today feels bizarre.

[ 03 01 22 ] starting off this month with a bang
 Laying in bed, complete darkness, thinking about whatever was on my mind. That went on for a while. In an instant I noticed fron outside of my window everything grew brighter suddenly encompassing my entire vision. I realized 'its fucking over' and I'll be real I was at peace with that as I quickly became unaware of everything it felt like. No real pain just the complete feeling of emptiness.
 My entire vision was bright white and there was a ringing noise for a moment, then
 For a while
 But its bizarre because I still felt alive
 Then everything faded back into my perception, back laying in bed, I could hear my mom listening to a movie or something from the other room
 For some reason when I got back from the voided state I was in, I had imediately thought I had died for real, and had gained new conscious in an alternate timeline, or that my perceptions reverted to back before death. . . I Can't Die. . or something something along that train of delusional thought . . .
 I was confused, at this point I don't think I had actually woke up yet in real life.
 The surroundings of this dream were very detailed, and I do not recall moving at all, so I'm wondering if I could have been in some kind of half-awake dream state similar to sleep paralysis. . . Or something.

[ 02 28 22 ] Gun
 All I can recall from this dream is a moment of firing a large gun at random things in my kitchen, just to see what kind of damage I could cause with it. I was able to feel the warmth of the gun after firing.

[ 02 26 22 ] Clean up
 In a seemingly large run down building, something had happened that had increased the levels of radiation in the area. The building itself and the surrounding area's radiation levels showed to be far exceeding what was considered safe. I was working with a team that was sent there to clean up what we could. Nobody was wearing protective gear or taking any kind of proper saftey precautions, it didn't seem to matter much, no one cared.
 It was night outside, really dreary, felt like late summer or early fall. I remember sitting inside the back of a parked cargo truck for a little bit, talking with someone else, they were smoking.

[ 02 25 22 ] Dogs make cartoons
 There was this long table, it seemed to strech on forever, sitting along this table were dog-people who were all drawing something in notebooks. The camera would go up to each dog-person ,and the person behind the camera would do a short interview with the dogs. Asking about themself and their art, ask about what they were drawing and what that drawing meant to them, ect.
 After the interviewer made it to the end of the table of dogs, the dream repeated and went back to the begining. It confused me and I realized I was dreaming then woke up.
 It was neat seeing all of the different art

[ 02 19 22 ] Dog Life
 I was a dog, outside, in some rundown suburban area. It was a sunny day. The pavement below me was warm, and there were weeds poking out through the cracks covering it. There was a basketball hoop. Next to this parking lot was a house that had an abandoned appearence, but I could somehow tell that there were people inside.
 Surrounding the house were two large grizzly bears, trying to get in the house through one of the broken windows. But the windows were far too small for the bears.
 I wandered around to the front door of the house, it was slightly ajar. The bears followed me. I entered the house, and tried to close the door behind me, but I couldn't, because I was a dog. This was distressing. The bears started to attack me, I tried to fight them off, but I couldn't stop them. They forced their way into the house now. Quickly the bears went after the people inhabiting the run-down home.
 For a second I got a look around the place. The house was styled like how you'd imagine a 50's-60's American consumerist household to look, everything felt bright, while also being so destroyed and old. Mold on the tiles. No lights, but that wasn't much of an issue with the sun shining through the broken windows. Wallpaper peeling off of the wall. Objects and garbage thrown about the room in a chaotic fashion. Depressing while also being familiar and peaceful.
 The two people living in this house were these ambiguosly gendered hippie types. Long messy hair. Baggy colorful clothes. One of them had those round sunglasses. Yeah pretty much the stereotype you'd expect.
 The people had managed to get the bears of of the house, and there was a moment of peace for a second.
 However, the bears managed to find their way back inside of the building. They continued attacking us all brutally.

[ 02 12 22 ] Gas station restroom encounters
 I was in a gas station restroom. There were snacks and drinks thrown about the place. There was also a thin, hairy, nasked dude sprawled out across the floor, clearly fucked out on god knows what drugs. Despite how out of it he was, we were still able to hold a somewhat coherent conversation. We talked about whatever was on out minds, life, our hobbies, and philosophies. During the entire encounter I didn't think any of this was out of the norm. Somehow.

[ 02 11 22 ] Walking walking walking.
 I breifly remember walking by a baseball field, seeing a group of girls, when they noticed me they all stared in my direction. Uncanny. There was an old, haunted-looking, house accross the street. The road was dirt.

[ 02 11 22 ] Catching up with someone I never knew
 Me and a guy who I briefly knew in middle school, not on any kind of personal level, were watching old Newgrounds animations on a CRT computer monitor.
 During this we were discussing our lives since middle school, and getting to know eachother, it was odd. We were so hyped up from the nostalgia we felt watching those old animations, and kept sharing our thoughts on it.
 He had also told me pretty bluntly that he never would've expected I was transgender, but thought it was really cool regardless. I was confused about how he could've possibly known I was, and why he would've brought it up in the first place, but I kept it to myself.
  I can remember telling him that he used to kind of freak me out back in school because he was popular. That seemed to make him uncomfortable so I stopped.
 Other than those few bits I can't recall much of the conversation. Unfortunate because it was really cool.
 The surround area was open, pink and purple clouds, the sky was pitch black, there were rivers, and rainbowsm and colorful stuff all around. Pretty comfy.

[ 02 02 22 ] Red !!
 I was in a labyrinth=like city, late at night, running away from someone who wanted me dead, because I had committed a horrible crime, that I couldn't even remember in the dream.
 I had slipped away into a movie theatre, but then found myself hiding behind a building and a wall, the events of this dream are very fuzzy and incoherent.
 All of the surrounding buildings were simplistic and red. Tthe background was completely void. There was snow on the ground. Everything that wasn't covered in snow was red.
 It was like I was inside of a building the entire time, but it was also open.
 I enjoyed the atmousphere of it.

[ 02 -- 22 ] Nuclear fallout dream
 I remember only a portion of this dream, it's kind of vague. I was with my brother and two other people in the middle of nowhere. There was an explosion in the distance, far enough away to not have an instant effect on us, but it still freaked us out. Shortly after the authories had saw us and rushed us to some kind of building, it was a bit run-down, there were several other people here. Everyone was tasked on covering up any windows and generally any open areas of the building, to wear gasmasks and protective gear, and to follow this one guy's explicit orders.
 We were told that we were going to have to stay inside of the building for a while.
 The building was large, very spacious, and had a second floor.
 I remember having a long winded conversation with some person that worked for the military, I think we became friends, she was cool.
 The dream lasted a few days.
 The guy who was ordering everyone around had gotten really mad at my friend for something that didn't seem to matter from what I can remember.

[ 02 -- 22 ] crashing into mcdonalds
 I was in a car with my family, and my brother's friend. My mother was driving dangerously fast, and eneded up crashing into a fastfood restaurant. Everything happened so fast, so I couldn't quite process what was going on. I think I blanked out for a while as well, it's blurry.
 When I became aware of what was happened, the car was gone, we were all laying in this empty, destroyed from the wreck, building that had red-brown floor tiles and the appearence of a hotel.
 There was blood everywhere, my family was hurt, my brother's friend nowhere to be seen. I was the only person that was completely fine during the crash. My mother was on the floor, missing limbs, gross sobbing. My brother wasn't hurt as bad, but he was still very injued.
 It freaked me out, I didn't know what to do. I kept saying we need to call someone for help, my brother agreed, but my mom kept refusing, and telling me not to call anyone. I was getting fucking frantic. I was going to call someone regardless.
 There was this deep sense of guilt that I felt over the fact that I was the only person in the wreck that was comepletely fine.

[ 02 -- 22 ] Disgust.
 Wandering around the city park, and nearby woods. It was a humid, cloudy, summer day. Looking like it might rain soon.
 I had noticed that underneath some rubble, were bones of some kind. I investigated. Finding human remains, parts of a human skeleton. All that I had found of it were a skull, some vertibrae, and ribs. I impulsively collected it all, putting it in my bag, then taking it home with me.
 I placed my treaure, if you could call it that, on my desk. I admired it for a while before curling up in bed and taking a nap.
 I woke up to the sound of thunder rain outside. Now up, I found my room smelled horrible, and was infested with large gross flies. I was confused by this, and it took me a second to process where the smell and flies may be coming from.
 Oh yeah, probably the skeleton.
 Midly confused because I had been under the impression that everything that could decompose would've already. I examined the skull, and found that there was still a mostly in-tact, mildly decayed brain inside, covered in maggots. Sure enough that was the course of the flies and rotsmell.
 I wasn't sure what to do about it, how to go about disposing of a partial human skeleton. I woke up in real life before I could figure that out.
 After waking up I felt a weird sense of guilt.

[ 01 29 22 ] PTSD dreaming 2
 I got home to find that the home I'm currently living in was covered in garbage, and was filthy and unlivable like the homes I've had before. It was very upsetting. In this dream my mom was acting very weird, saying it was fine and normal, and ignoring my concerns.

[ 01 28 22 ] PTSD dreaming 1
 This dream took place in the apartment I lived in when I was a kid. It was infested with several kinds of disgusting looking bugs.

[ 01 27 22 ] Almost Lucid in a Field
 Outside, it was spring. I was walking along a dirt road in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. On both sides of the road were fields.
 Along my walk I had noticed something thrown about the field, it was my friend's fursuit, torn apart, brutally, and ditched in the surrounding field. I found this to be very weird, and thought I might be dreaming, something about this situation I was in felt off.
 I pulled out my phone to see if the time would be messed up or confusing. Something that I wasn't expecting to happen, happned instead though. There was this strange view of . . . Something, things going on in my phone that were incomprehensible to me, the phone itself even seemed to be lagging in time [if that makes sense]. This confirmed to me that I was dreaming for sure.
 Now aware, I tried to move, but found that I was completely unable to. Everything felt really heavy, like I was sinking. Things in my visual perception were getting weird.
 I woke up with a weird pain in my head, didn't hurt, just felt weird.

[ 01 15 22 ] Spiders
 There were a lot of these really gnarly looking spiders in my room, I attempted to kill them but they were quick, and could jump long distances. That made them difficult to kill. Freaky.

[ 01 12 22 ] Cool bag
 I found a bunch of cassette tapes, VHS-C tapes, and photographs in an old looking bag. The VHS-C tapes had footage of the small local band my mom used to be in.
 More happened in this dream but I can't remember, I think I had asked someone about what I had found.

[ 01 11 22 ] Animal Crossing Creepy Pasta
 I was playing what appeared to be an Animal Crossing action adventure game. Stylisticly it looked like New Horizons, but the gameplay was much different, but your character is still only limited to what tools you had to move around the island.
 Across the area, there was a giant tree that kept growing in a really disgusting looking manner, it's roots and branches streching out across the entire island. The tree had a horrifying realistic round human face, that had the appearence of one a vintage doll with a plastic face, in the center of the tree's body.
 The tree would attack you using it's branches, it was virtually unavoidable when outside of a building. So I spent some time inside of a house to avoid the tree.
 I was playing the game with an internet friend, we were both really confused about the events happening within the game.
 Eventually we left the house, now in on the outside, now we were vulnerable.
 Outdoors, the sky was night, very pretty, covered in stars.
 As soon as we stepped out of the house The Tree's branches and roots slithered towards us. I used a vaulting pole to get away and was able to use it to scale up a mountain for some reason. The chase went on for a while.
 I had figured out that you could actually attack the tree branches with your tools. The only tool I had that could be used as a weapon was a mallet. So I went crazy and beat out the branches with it, the tree appeared to be taking damage from it.
 Eventually both my friend and I had gotten knocked off of a cliff by the tree branches, into a nearby ocean.
 Entering into a dream-like state
 It was a purple and black wavy void, the only thing encompasing my vision was Guliver, except his face was covered in holes. He was falling infinitely.
 Now my friend and I were in a dark area, surrounded by water, the skybox was completely black. It felt looked kind of like a small room.
 We swam for a while before seeing an island in the distance, there was a visable treasure chest on the island.
 Making it to the small island, we found that there was more than just a treasure chest there. There were also corpses of several deer, in varying stages of decay, laying across the sand.
 I went over to the treasure chest, opening it, to find a bunch of tools, gear, and gold. We continued to snoop around the island for a little bit longer, and ended up finding another chest, I let my friend have the loot from it.
 We ventured back into the dark, motionless water. The water had no waves or movement to it. We continued swimming until we encountered a table floating in the center of the water.
 The void around us felt like a hallway of some sort. In the distance we could see another character. Cube the penguin, swimming around in a raincoat. My friend had said something to me, causing Cube to look in our direction. We tried to catch up to Cube, but I woke up before we could interact with him.

[ 01 09 22 ] Eternal Torment.
 In a Discord server, I had mentioned something personal, or complained about something, showing weakness. For the most part what I had said was fairly mundane. Another user saw what I had said, got annoyed, gave me chat restrictions, and proceeded tell me how much of a woman I really was, based on my behaviors, mannerisms, the way I talked, and appearence. Everything fem-brained. That I'd never be able to be a real man. Calling me fake. They kept picking out every small detail about my person, and had given me several server roles assosciated with those details.
 This is not my first dream like this; I'm being tormented by my own thoughts and self-perceptions.
 Being trans has been making me feel insane recently, I just wish I could feel okay about who I am nowadays. Self-love is important, but it's easy to forget that when whatever I do to change myself never seems to be enough.

[ 01 09 22 ] The Moth Room
 I was in a mostly empty room full of moths, and I kept finding furbies. There was a feeling of familiarity. Everything from this dream is very vague.
 I also briefly remember being outside walking near some large building, the ground was covered in snow, and ice. I had stepped into the snow and my foot somehow managed to get stuck, I wasn't able to free it, and ended up standing there for hours. Everyone that would pass by ignored me, or maybe they just couldn't perceive me, I'm not sure.

[ 01 08 22 ] I'm Gross
 I was in some kind of basement, the walls and flooring were entirely metal, there was also an elavator entrance on the wall that I was trying to block off, I'm not sure why.
 Covering both of my arms were these large grostesque tumorous growths, I kept examining them, it was weird, it freaked me out.
 I drank a red Mountain Dew, forgetting about it. Later after throwing up I thought it was blood.

[ 01 07 22 ] Animating in 2017
 I was working on an animation, it was drawn in the old art style I had used in 2017. For the animation I was using my character Cerise, and the audio I was animating to was a song by Of Montreal.
 I woke up at 7 [ X __ X ] to what sounded like someone screaming outside, along with some loud noises. I don't know if that was real.

[ 01 06 22 6:27 AM ] Occult Symbols in Legs of Pretty Girls.
 I was at someone else's house, a place where I'd never been before, I was sitting on a couch with a nice bright blue and and throw blanket over it. the floor and walls were made of boards, and there were a lot of cool objects on the walls and around the room. There were about 5 other people I was with. Some guy was talking about a specific symbol in relation to a cult. When I asked about it he said he could show me, and then proceeded to quickly carve the symbol into my leg, it was complex and made of several different squares and some other shapes. I kept anticipating some kind of pain, but I couldn't feel anything.
 Most of the time was spent sitting around and talking about random subjects with the other people in that room. The topics always seemed to form into something morbid.
 We eventually watched The Simpsons, the episode was supposed to be a Matrix parody, the focus mostly on Bart and Lisa. When they had taken the red-pill the show turned into an entirely different show, one meant for kids that I've never seen before, it was pretty odd. Everyone else in the room was saying how that's such a bizarre cross-over "I can't believe they actually did that !!??" Type stuff. I looked out of the window and it was storming.
 I ended up leaving to somewhere, I'm not entirely sure where I was. Feeling scared. Now I was making really strange nonhuman noises, whispering "oh god" inbetween the sounds. I was confused because I was unable to stop this weirdness under my own control. I came to the realization that I was dreaming, then promptly woke up.

[ 01 01 22 ] We're Back
 All alone, I was at my old house, the electricity was not working, and I wasn't sure why I was there. There was a dog outside, golden retriever, and I was eating a poptart. I was fiddling around with some radio trying to get it to work.